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The Challenge

Eastwood & Co, birthed from Russell Eastwood’s unwavering commitment, had become a beacon for businesses aspiring to reach their potential. The business had grown organically through word of mouth however they lacked a strong digital presence.

A previous partnership with a marketing agency resulted in a lacklustre website that failed to encapsulate Eastwood & Co’s essence. Trapped in the confines of a generic template, this digital representation neither resonated with the brand’s ethos nor attracted their ideal clientele. Faced with this predicament, they sought a fresh perspective and approached EMD Agency, hoping for a fresh digital strategy.

Design of Eastwood & Co Website

What We Did

Upon engagement, EMD Agency prioritised an in-depth comprehension of Eastwood & Co – their services, clientele, and what made them distinctive. Recognising the inadequacies of the initial website, the decision was clear – a fresh, bespoke digital platform was essential.

Opting for WordPress, a tailored website was meticulously crafted from the ground up. Every element of the design, from user experience to visual aesthetics, was aligned with the expectations of Eastwood & Co’s audience and the diverse nature of their services.

But our collaboration didn’t end with a website overhaul. Sensing the potential of a holistic online presence, a comprehensive content marketing strategy was conceptualised. Spanning across social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, we proceeded to develop an array of content for the business. This included written articles, photography, videos, alongside branded resources and tools for the business to use.

Russell Eastwood listning to a customer
Example social media posts for Eastwood & Co
Watching an Eastwood & Co video
Russell Eastwood from Eastwood & Co


With EMD Agency’s help, Eastwood & Co got a new and improved website that truly represented their brand. The website not only looked better but also has succeeded in attracting the right customers. On top of that, we helped them boost their online presence with a solid content strategy across major social media platforms. They now have a mix of articles, photos, videos, and other resources to engage their audience. Russell Eastwood and his team have been thrilled with the results so far, and our partnership continues.

If you’re inspired by our work with Eastwood & Co, and are seeking impactful marketing solutions for your idea or business, we’re here to help. Contact EMD Agency today for an obligation-free consultation. Reach out via email at info@emd.agency or give us a call at 0800 323 500. Let’s bring your vision to life.

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