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The Challenge

In the diverse educational landscape of New Zealand, the balance between quality and affordability often tilts in favor of one over the other. Good Tutors emerged with a vision to address this disparity, aiming to make quality education both accessible and affordable. But to effectively communicate their mission and stand out in a competitive market, they needed a compelling brand story, a captivating visual identity, and a robust online presence.

What We Did

EMD Agency’s journey with Good Tutors began with in-depth brand discovery workshops. These sessions helped identify the core values and uniqueness of Good Tutors.

Building on this foundation, we crafted a compelling brand narrative that revolved around the transformative power of affordable, personalised small group tuition and the dedication of experienced educators. This narrative was complemented by a visually resonant logo and brand identity.

Transitioning from branding to development, we designed a user-centric website, echoing the brand’s ethos and values. The site provided a comprehensive view of Good Tutors’ offerings, methodologies, and success stories. Alongside the digital realm, we bridged the online-offline gap by creating synergised marketing collaterals, including print assets that seamlessly connected potential customers to the website and told the Good Tutors story.


The combined efforts of branding and development bore fruit, resulting in a brand identity that truly embodied the spirit of Good Tutors. Their message resonated deeply with the community, leading to increased engagement and a marked surge in inquiries. With a strong brand presence and an integrated online platform, Good Tutors not only solidified their position in Whitianga but also positioned themselves for expansion, ready to make a difference in the lives of many more students across New Zealand.

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